• Municipal Taxes

Municipal Taxes


Ofek Municipal Taxation Limited is a company specializing in examining, handling and reducing the municipal taxes (hereinafter: "arnona") imposed on companies and large organizations, financial institutions, industrial enterprises, kibbutzim, high-tech companies, banks, retail chains, shopping malls and more.

Municipal taxation, and arnona in particular, pose a heavy burden on taxpayers and often can be reduced significantly. Handling these charges requires extensive knowledge, creativity and familiarization with the arnona orders along with the local authorities' practices.  Indeed the firm's staff have over the years acquired broad experience in the field, resulting in significant reductions and tax refunds.  Consequently, taxpayers are subject to lower arnona payments in the upcoming years too.

 Municipal rates undergo a thorough professional review including, among others, actual measurement of the properties, mapping their use and classification, tariff assessment, area determination etc.

The multiplicity of properties handled and their countrywide dispersal give the firm a broad picture of the charges, thereby enabling it to find lateral opportunities for tax saving.   The Ofek staff has, among others, extensive experience in reducing arnona tariffs in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheba, Ramat Gan, Petach Tikva, Holon and other cities.

Ofek strives to offer clients the most professional, reliable and best service, targeted towards maximum saving, while supporting them in all the handling stages, including close guidance on legal issues provided by a law firm, and maintaining a viable relationship with the local authorities.

Ofek Municipal Taxation recommends to clients that their arnona charges undergo a basic review annually in order to re-assess the possibilities of a tax saving even if these charges had already been checked. 

The firm does not provide legal assistance.