• Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

Tax consulting in Israel is provided in connection with the business activities of Israeli resident companies operating in Israel.  The Corporate Tax Department carries out tax planning that is designated to legitimately reduce the tax payer’s tax burden.  In addition, the Department tracks developments in the various tax laws and issues updates to employees and clients with internal publications and monthly newsletters, for the purpose of raising the professional bar and addressing all of the clients’ needs.

  • Review of annual and quarterly tax adjustment reports in public companies and the review of annual tax adjustment reports in private companies. 
  • Guidance and consulting on transactions carried out by clients of the Firm, including mergers, spin-offs, real estate transactions, R&D and approved enterprises, etc.
  • Obtaining of pre-rulings from the tax authorities.   
  • Representation in assessment discussions with respect to income tax, value added tax, national insurance and deductions. 
  • Ongoing consulting to clients of the Firm, including the issue of professional opinions. 
  • Preparation of professional tax circulars to clients and holding of seminars and courses. 
  • Assistance in the performance of due diligences and valuations – review of the proper presentation of the tax statements of the corporations with respect to which the consulting services are provided. 
  • Consulting and guidance with respect to the tax aspects of real estate transactions.